We continue to serve our customers by offering drive up service, outdoor dining (when weather permits) safe and sanitary indoor dining and above all, for those that feel uncomfortable around groups of people, we offer our frozen pizza line. Our carry-out freezer has a large inventory of 8 types of ready to sell 12″ pizzas. Also, we continue to offer custom made 9″, 12″ and 14″ made-to-order pizzas that are ready to eat and fresh from your oven in minutes. Simply call ahead (a day’s notice is preferred), pay by credit card and we’ll have your pizzas ready for pickup. Prices are listed on our accompanying WEB site.

Through years of experience, (20 to be exact) we have perfected a system that allows us to sell a 14″ JT’s special for $11.00 plus tax. Imagine a 4 topping pizza for three for $11.00.!  Forget going to the grocer and picking up a cheap assembly-line pizza that tastes like cardboard. We call our pizzas “LOADED”  because they are. A popular 12″ pepperoni has over 20 pieces of pepperoni. A frozen 12″ sausage pizza has 6 ounces of sausage, just slightly less than 1/2 pound! We don’t skimp on other toppings either; maybe that’s why we have sold well over 1000 frozen pizzas since April 2020. Don’t let the virus keep you from enjoying our great pizza. JT’s also has its full menu of items for curbside pick up to enjoy in your own home. Call 697-8250 (MYPUB50)

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