With the Christmas season past us, we just want to remind our great customers to get ready to stock up on our Loaded Frozen Pizzas. Late night meals, snacks, get togethers are a great time to throw one in the oven. You can also order you custom made pizza, 9 – 12 – and 14 inch. Give us some time to make it and we’ll have it ready for you

We also offer our menu items for curb side pickup in bulk. Our famous spaghetti sauce can be purchased by the quart, along with Italian beef, southern fried chicken wings, Or, just order up the menu items ready-to-eat.

Hint on carry out pizza. Occasionally our customers have a fairly long drive to get home with their pizza. With winter here, when you get home just turn on the oven to about 200 degrees, and place the pizza (cardboard and all) on the oven grate for about 6 to 8 minutes. The result is a hot pizza just like from our ovens. Recut (the cheese will melt) and enjoy. J.T.

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