Now it’s “Growlers”, but back in the day it was plain and simple “Jug Beer”. We have it now -1/2 gallon jugs of  our draft beers, Bud Lite, Miller Lite, Coors Lite, Blue Moon and the popular Irish dark beer Smithwicks (pronounced”Schmiticks”) from the Old Sod. You pay for the jug and the first fill up, and after that all draft refills are at a reduced draft beer cost.

If you have your own jug we”ll fill it too, it just has to fit our required shrink wrap sealer for the lid. Domestic draft with jug $17.00, refills $11.00. Smithwicks with jug $20.00, refills $14.00. Blue Moon with Jug $19.25, refills $13.25.

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