We at JTCostelloe’s Pizza Pub and Grill are not sure where all this is going but we will do our best to keep you informed as to our service to you. Effective tomorrow, March 17, we will open at 11 AM until 9 PM or so for curbside service at Piper Glen. If you anticipate a late pickup, please call ahead and we will remain open for you order to be picked up. We have and will continue to have a good supply of frozen Pizzas plus almost all of our menu will be available for curbside pickup. Just call 697-8250 and place your order- Give your credit card number and after allowing time for preparation, we will have your order ready for pickup. (Credit cards or only exact cash will be accepted since we do not intend to make change.) Then sign for it and be on  your way. Thanks for your patience during this time.

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